Sharon Stone Shows Artwork on East Coast for First Time in Connecticut


Actress Sharon Stone might be best known for her work on the screen — movie and TV – but her work on canvas is on display at an art exhibition in Greenwich.

This is the first time her artwork is being exhibited outside of Los Angeles.

“Sharon Stone: Welcome To My Garden” is at the C. Parker  Gallery in Greenwich through Dec. 3.

Welcome to My Garden, by Sharon Stone (acrylic on canvas) 60 x 72

The show includes 19 paintings by Stone.

City Lights, by Sharon Stone (acrylic on canvas). Diptych (49 x 96)

“I created these works to understand the essence of pure creativity that comes from heartfelt truth, to let go of the noise, the judgements, and the pollution of our societal pulls,” Stone said in a news release.

The actress known for films including “Basic Instinct,” Total Recall” and “Casino,” as well as others, has been painting her entire life.

Amelia, by Sharon Stone (acrylic on canvas). Diptych (48 x 96)

According to a news release from the gallery, her Aunt Vonne had a Master’s degree in painting and would create murals across the walls of the home where Stone lived as a child.

Stone went on to study painting in college, and focused on making art during the pandemic. She now paints every day for hours.

“This new exhibition offers a never-before-seen panorama into Sharon Stone’s creative prowess. The artist invites viewers on a journey through the vibrant landscapes of her imagination, reflecting her inner world. A testament to Stone’s profound talents,” Tiffany Benincasa, C. Parker Gallery’s owner and curator, said in a news release.

Source: CT