Amcor Launches High-Barrier Paper Packaging in North America


Amcor announced August 29 the North American launch of curbside recyclable AmFiber Performance Paper packaging, part of the company’s AmFiber portfolio. Prequalified by How2Recycle, performance paper meets the repulpability standards for curbside recycling, allowing brands to provide consumers with more sustainable end-of-life outcomes for packaging.

For brands, paper-based packaging alternatives employ innovative technologies to deliver the right barrier, shelf-life, and machine performance to meet brand and product needs. Consumers often seek paper-based packaging to deliver a more sustainable end-of-life, due to widespread curbside paper collection and recycling. And, on the shelf, paper-based solutions meet consumers’ preferences for a natural look and feel.

“Brands now have more choices than ever when it comes to packaging their products in formats and materials that attract consumers and meet their sustainability goals, while still achieving the operational performance they require,” says Amcor Flexibles North America Vice President of Research and Development Brian Carvill. “Amcor Performance Paper, part of the AmFiber portfolio, along with our dedicated research and development team, can make the conversion from plastic to paper effortless and advantageous.”

AmFiber Performance Paper is a high-barrier laminated paper that is recyclable in most paper recycling waste streams, earning the How2Recycle prequalification of “widely recyclable.” It provides improved barrier and packer efficiency compared to the existing coated papers and is polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC)-free. “It’s great to receive this independent validation as it should help consumers easily recycle packaging made of AmFiber Performance Paper, through curbside paper recycling,” says Ilya Syshchikov, vice president global product management, AmFiber.

Amcor’s product portfolio includes options for confectionery, bars, cookies, cereals, dry beverages, and dry mixes. Format applications are ideal for cold-seal flow wrap and three-side seal sachets. AmFiber Performance Paper runs on existing flexible packaging equipment, achieving machine speeds comparable to plastic-based packaging. Amcor’s broader AmFiber portfolio of paper-based packaging is available across a variety of additional markets, including dairy, produce, meat, poultry, seafood, ready meals, lawn and garden, and personal care.