Blowers & Grafton Brings Comforting East Coast-inspired Cuisine and Warm Hospitality to South Calgary


SHAWNESSY, CALGARY, AB, Nov. 6, 2023 /CNW/ – Transport yourself to the East Coast of Canada without leaving South Calgary at Blowers & Grafton, the latest eatery to hit Macleod Trail South. Co-Founder Josh Robinson’s passion for Halifax street food is forged from first-hand experience selling East Coast classics on the Halifax Waterfront. With a rich history of street food bravados, it is the corner of Blowers Street & Grafton Street where Haligonians amalgamate and enjoy some of Canada’s most enduring grab-and-go eats.  Blowers & Grafton’s creatively prepared dishes continue to thrive on the origin story of their name – also known as the legendary ‘Pizza Corner.’

Inspired by the warm hospitality and comforting cuisine of Halifax, Blowers & Grafton offers a menu full of classic East Coast dishes, in addition to other maritime and Canadian inspired treats! With a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the Maritimes, Blowers & Grafton is the perfect place to unwind with friends and family. Their fully-stocked cocktail and craft beer list features the finest craft breweries and distilleries from the East Coast ensuring every bite and sip is a true taste of the East.

“We believe that great food made with real ingredients and warm hospitality are the keys to a memorable dining experience,” said Blowers & Grafton Co-Founder Josh Robinson. “At Blowers & Grafton, we strive to provide both to all of our guests, whether they’re locals looking for a regular spot or visitors to the area. Come by for a comforting meal and some East Coast hospitality!”

From Mini Lobster Rolls, to the legendary Fish & Chips, B&G brings tasteful tributes and the genuine flavours Halifax is truly known for. Not big on the sea? Relish in the OG Halifax Donair, B&G Smash Burger, Garlic Fingers, or many more land based options!

Early risers can find a genuine East Coast inspired brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-2pm featuring Atlantic Lobster Bennies, Hash Bowls, and brunch cocktails – make sure to stick around for afternoon shenanigans.

Source: Yahoo Finance