Chief of Defence Staff Anil Chauhan to be in US for Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue


Chief of the Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan will be in the United States to participate in the Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue being held in California from May 15 to 17, 2023, according to Defence Ministry officials.

In his maiden tour outside the country, Gen Anil Chauhan started his four-day visit to the US on Saturday. This is the first time after taking over as the CDS in October that General Anil Chauhan is visiting any friendly foreign country.

Senior military commanders from Quad member countries will meet in Sunnylands in California to attend a high-profile meeting on Indo-Pacific Security.

CDS Chauhan will attend a conference on the Indo-Pacific region and interact with top military officers from global military powers such as the US, Japan, Australia and the UK.

The countries participating in the event are from the AUKUS and the Quad groupings but sources clarified that the gathering is not part of any such groupings.

This clearly indicates that the grouping is now taking security cooperation to the next level before the Quad Summit in Sydney on May 24.

Among other invitees to the meeting hosted by Admiral John C Aquilino, Commander, US Indo-Pacific Command, are – General Yoshihide Yoshida, chief of Staff, joint staff, Japanese self-defence forces and General Angus Campbell, chief of the defence force, Australia. A vice-admiral rank representative of the UK chief of defence staff is also likely to attend. This is General Chauhan’s first visit to the US.

Quad Malabar naval exercises are scheduled off the coast of Sydney in August this year and the apex meeting of military commanders of this grouping next week is seen as both a game-changer.

The visit of the CDS is also taking place when the US is set to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a state visit scheduled in June where he would also be attending a dinner hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasised the importance of Indo Pacific region stating that India stands for a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, which embraces all in a common pursuit of progress and prosperity.

Source: The Print