Confirmed Russian Casualties in Ukraine Reached Nearly 17,000


The confirmed losses of Russia in the war in Ukraine reached 16,774 military personnel. Over the past two weeks, the death toll has increased by 1,638 people. 

Their names were established by Mediazona and the BBC Russian Service based on open sources.

The most significant increase in victims is among the Wagner PMC mercenaries, who continue their attempts to capture Bakhmut. This is especially true for prisoners: from February 24 to March 10, the number of such deaths increased by almost one and a half times – up to 1849 people. 

In total, it was possible to confirm the names of 800 servicemen who were killed in the battles for Bakhmut. At the same time,  the place of death is indicated in obituaries quite rarely, so  the real number of victims can be much higher.

In terms of the total number of deaths for the entire period of the war, the Krasnodar Territory is in the lead (693 people). Volunteers regularly study burials at local cemeteries, so more information comes from here than from other regions of Russia. Sverdlovsk region (632 people) is in second place, Buryatia is in third place (542 people), followed by Chelyabinsk region (529 people) and Bashkiria (505 people). Among those mobilized,  the death of 1,456 reservists was confirmed.

Over the past two weeks, it became known about the death of 11 more Russian officers with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Among them are two chiefs of artillery of the 126th coastal defense brigade and an employee of the Investigative Committee seconded to the Russian army. In total,  more than 1,900 officers of the Russian army and other power structures were killed in the war, 209 of them with the rank of lieutenant colonel and above.

It is also known about  127 deaths of military pilots. Such losses are especially painful for the army: the training of one front-line aviation pilot of the first class  takes  7-8 years and costs $ 3.4 million.

According to the US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS),  during the year of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army  suffered  more combat losses than in all wars since the Second World War combined –  from 200 to 250 thousand people, including  60-70 thousand killed. . 

A similar  assessment  is given by British intelligence. According to her, by February, the real losses of the Russian army in Ukraine reached  175-200 thousand people, of which 40-60 thousand were killed. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace  explained  such figures by the fact that the military leadership sends  a large number of infantry to storm. According to him, Russia is fighting “almost like in the First World War.”

Source Moscow Times