Delmarva Power Introduces Four New Energy Saving Programs


Delmarva Power is working to put more tools in the hands of Delawareans hoping to reduce their energy costs.

Delmarva Power has submitted a proposal for four new energy efficiency programs to the Delaware Public Service Commission.

Delmarva Power’s Candace Womer says the company worked to develop the most cost-effective and beneficial programs possible by collecting local input and evaluating national best practices.

“We want to help our customers save money and enhance affordability, and help combat the effects of climate change. And that’s what these energy efficient programs will do.”

Customers can choose to participate in three of the four new programs.

Home Energy Reports would provide customers with monthly reports that contain energy usage comparisons and energy efficiency tips.

The Quick Home Energy Check (QHEC) provides renters and homeowners with an assessment of their home’s energy use to identify energy-saving opportunities, and install simple energy-saving measures. And the Appliance Recycling program helps customers to recycle responsibly by offering removal of older, inefficient appliances.

Womer says customers must put in the work to see these savings- though their goal is to make it as easy as possible.

“These are programs that the customer does have to initially partake in to adjust their savings or get certain things installed that would help them save energy.”

The fourth program, the Energy Star for New Homes program, focuses on future construction. It encourages companies to build energy efficient homes through incentives, training, and builder support.

If approved, residential customers are expected to see a 45-cent increase on their monthly bill beginning in 2024 for the first year of the programs.

Source: DPM