East Coast Hair Ink Conquering Aussie Hair Loss and Building Client Confidence With Scalp-micropigmentation


East Coast Hair Ink founder and head artist Nathan Tiv is passionate about his work with scalp micro-pigmentation and the difference it can make in his client’s lives. Beyond the opportunity to master his craft, Tiv said SMP is about getting to know his clients and helping them become a better, more confident version of themselves. He is proudly one of the Gold Coast’s premier artists for hairline tattoo and scalp micro-pigmentation treatments.

“The satisfaction I received from the first SMP treatment and the confidence it gave the individual I performed the treatment on was phenomenal,” Tiv said. “From that moment, I knew this was the career for me.”

SMP treatments are non-invasive, with a qualified practitioner depositing tiny amounts of pigment into the scalp’s upper dermis (outermost layer) to simulate a hair follicle. SMP helps to add density to thinning hair, recreate hairlines, fill scars, and provide the same look as a short-shaved head, offering affordable and realistic results. 

Exploring How Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Tackles Hair Loss

Tiv answered some of the most common questions about SMP in a YouTube video, but here are a few of the most crucial points. 

—  Is it permanent?
While clients can expect the results to last for several years, the microdots are not like a typical tattoo and generally lighten over time. However, Tiv cautions that the procedure is technically permanent because light laser treatment is required to remove it altogether. 

—  Is SMP safe?
The treatment is considered non-invasive, but Tiv cautions the importance of finding a qualified practitioner. 

—  How does it work?
The process starts with a pre-treatment consultation. Clients then typically undergo multiple sessions. Post-treatment care ensures the treatment’s natural appearance and longevity. 

“Unlike other treatments, SMP offers an instant solution to the appearance of hair density,” Tiv said. “SMP is poised to remain Australia’s top choice for battling hair loss.”

Solutions for Baldness and Thinning Hair

SMP treatments work for multiple kinds of hair loss, from complete baldness to thinning hair. The skillful application of microdots provides natural, realistic results that can help build confidence and feel better about themselves. 

Customers Are Happy with the Results

Satisfied client Nige shares his experience at East Coast Hair Ink in a video testimonial. After experiencing burns in a car accident, he wanted to cover the pigmentation on his scalp and was pleased with the SMP treatment he received. The results speak for themselves, but it can help to hear it from someone who’s been through it when debating on SMP as a hair loss solution. 

Source: Digital Journal