East Coast Metal Roofing $20K CTP Giveaway: Disc Golf’s Hottest Showdown at Maple Hill


The 2023 MVP Open presented by OTB played host to an electrifying side event this Friday at the renowned Maple Hill disc golf course in Leicester, MA – the East Coast Metal Roofing $20K CTP Giveaway. It was a battle of precision and power, where top competitors squared off in an exciting post-round Closest-to-Pin (CTP) contest.

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CTP Showdown

As the sun dipped below the horizon, eight MPO and eight FPO competitors took center stage in their respective brackets. These players had earned their spots through a combination of Precise Power Index (PPI) scores and fan votes, ensuring that only the best of the best faced off. With money on the line for each matchup and a thrilling $4,000 prize awaiting the final CTP champion, the stakes were sky-high. But, rest assured, all participants walked away with a minimum of $100 in their pockets. The Picturesque Hole 1 at Maple Hill at the 2023 MVP Open. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Meet the Players

The lineup was nothing short of extraordinary. In the MPO division, the confirmed roster boasted familiar names that echoed through the disc golf world: Calvin HeimburgAnthony BarelaEagle McMahon, and Simon Lizotte. Joining them were the MPO fan vote winners, Albert Tamm and Silas Schultz, each eager to showcase their skills.

The FPO division was equally stacked with talent, featuring Ella HansenKat MertschHolyn Handley, and Henna Blomroos, all of whom had earned their spots through their impressive UDisc Stats. The FPO fan vote winners, Eveliina SalonenKristin Tattar, and Hailey King rounded out this formidable lineup.

Last-Minute Qualifiers

But there was a twist in the tale. On the eve of the showdown, a group of players made a last-minute dash to earn the final two spots in the MPO bracket. MPO contenders included Ezra Robinson, Luke Samson, Bradley Williams, James Conrad, Luke Humphries, Gavin Babcock, Nikko Locastro, and Jake Hebenheimer. The last two spots in the MPO division were claimed by Bradley Williams and Luke Samson, while the remaining spot for FPO was claimed by Lykke Lorentzen.

Competition Rules

The ultimate test lay ahead, where one shot could make or break a player’s fortunes. The $4,000 prize money hung in the balance, with the runner-up set to receive $1,500. The competitors faced off, taking aim from the Hole 1 Gold Tee, launching their discs over the pond, a challenging 500 feet away. A Player’s View From the Tee Pad of the East Coast CTP Contest. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The rules were simple yet nerve-wracking. In the first round, each player had one throw, with the lower-ranked player going first. The closest player advanced, while the farthest received $100 and exited the competition. In round two, each player had two throws, alternating their shots. Once again, the closest player progressed, while the other player left with $450.

The final round, where the big money was at stake, was a race to land in circle 1. The player with the higher ranking threw first, and they took turns until someone hit the target and claimed the $4,000 prize. If no one landed in circle 1 after five throws each, the Closest-to-Pin winner would seize the reward.

The Showdown Unfolds

The night kicked off with the FPO first bracket round, followed by the MPO first bracket round, setting the stage for a thrilling evening. The competition intensified with the FPO second bracket round and the MPO second bracket round, leading to the climactic FPO and MPO finals.

Amidst the intense action, two standout players had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Eagle McMahon and Holyn Handley, known for their incredible distance throws, emerged victorious in the distance competition. It wasn’t just about precision but also the power and consistency behind those throws that sealed their triumph.

Eagle McMahon and Holyn Handley are Victorious. Photo: MVP Open presented by OTB

The crowd witnessed some heart-stopping moments with several close ace-run calls. Perhaps the most memorable was Calvin Heimburg’s astonishing shot in round 2 against McMahon, where his disc grazed the top of the basket, nearly acing the hole. The gasps and cheers from the spectators added to the excitement, showcasing the fine margins that separated victory from a near-miss.

It’s worth noting that in this competition, an ace would have abruptly ended the event, with the player claiming all the remaining money in the pot. Although the aces remained elusive that night, McMahon and Handley’s distance mastery provided an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling event. Their remarkable throws will be talked about in the disc golf community for years to come.

Entertainment All Around

The excitement wasn’t limited to the throws alone. Jeremy Koling provided live commentary at Hole 1, offering insights and analysis to enhance the viewing experience. The MVP Open DJ, Thomas Ireland, also infused the atmosphere with music, establishing the perfect vibe for an enjoyable evening.

Fan Participation

Even the fans had their chance to get in on the action. Spectators could purchase raffle tickets to join the money giveaway aspect of the event. Randomly chosen spectators were paired with the pros, who handled the throws, and each selected spectator pocketed $100. The victorious spectators faced off against each other in subsequent rounds, with the potential to win up to $450.

The East Coast Metal Roofing $20K CTP Giveaway was more than just a competition; it was a showcase of disc golf’s finest talents, an evening of thrilling moments, and a celebration of the sport’s passionate community. Disc golf continues to evolve, and events like these remind us of the incredible journey this sport has embarked upon. So, until next time, keep your discs flying and your eyes on the horizon for the next thrilling chapter in the world of disc golf.

Source: DGPT