Extreme weather warning for US West and East Coast, 42 Million grapple with oppressive heatwave


Extreme weather continues to impact the US, with record-breaking heat on the West Coast and the aftermath of Tropical Storm Elsa on the East Coast.

The West and East Coast of the United States are facing another week of extreme weather, with a week of world-record-breaking heat, heavy rain, and flash floods across the country. Affecting 42 Million Americans.

The West Coast is experiencing a record heat wave, with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees in some areas.

The dry heat wave is expected to last until Wednesday, maintaining suffocating conditions for people and wildlife.

The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings in several parts of the country, including California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.

Portland and Seattle, have set up cooling centers and water stations to help residents cope with the scorching weather.

Recent heat wave is also fueling wildfires in several states, including California, where the Dixie Fire has burned more than 190,000 acres of vegetation and forced urgent evacuations.

The East Coast is dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Elsa, heavy rain and strong winds are hitting Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas last week.

The storm caused widespread power outages, flooding, and damage to homes and businesses.

Elsa also triggered a dangerous tornado in Jacksonville, Florida, that injured several people and destroyed dozens of buildings. The storm has weakened as it moved northward, but it still poses a threat of flash flooding and coastal erosion to parts of New England and Canada.

The Midwest and the South are also facing severe weather, with thunderstorms, hail, and gusty winds expected to hit parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee on Monday.

Elsa could produce damaging winds up to 70 mph and large hail up to 2 inches in diameter.

The NWS has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for these areas until 9 p.m. local time. The storms are also likely to bring heavy rain that could cause flash flooding in some locations. The rain could also worsen the ongoing flooding along the Mississippi River, which has been above flood-stage level for several weeks.

The weather outlook for the rest of the week is not much better, as more heat, rain, and storms are forecast for different parts of the country.

The West Coast will see some relief from the heat by Thursday, but the East Coast will face another round of showers and thunderstorms by Friday.

The Midwest and the South will continue to experience humid and unsettled weather throughout the week.

Source: Hindustan Times