Fire and Rescue Dept to Deploy Personnel to East Coast During Monsoon to Prepare for Flood


The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) will be deploying personnel from states unaffected by the northeast monsoon season to the east coast in preparation for floods.

JBPM Operations Management Centre branch head Mohamad Shoki Hamzah said the department always prioritised preparedness in terms of manpower, as well as air, land and water assets and equipment to deal with the disaster.

He said JBPM would conduct inspections and tests on water assets across the country to ensure they function properly during the monsoon season.

“This is part of our preparation to face the disaster and to ensure there will be no issues with our assets during operations,” he said in an interview with a local radio station today.

Mohamad Shoki also advised those living in flood-prone areas to prepare life jackets to help them during the evacuation process.

“Parents also need to monitor their children so they don’t play in dangerous places such as drains and rivers during this monsoon season,” he said.

The authorities are monitoring 5,648 flood hotspots in 163 districts, as well as 186 areas at risk of water surge incidents and 254 critical slopes nationwide during the northeast monsoon season.

Source: Malay Mail