Georgia Provides ‘Customized Training Services’ to EV Parts Manufacturer


An automotive parts manufacturer plans to spend roughly $18 million to establish a new manufacturing facility in Laurens County, and the state is providing the company with “comprehensive, customized training services.”

South Korean-based Woory Industrial Company specializes in automotive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components and systems. The company expects to create more than 130 jobs at its new facility at 404 Kellam Road in Dublin, its first U.S. manufacturing location.

“Georgia Quick Start has offered to provide comprehensive, customized training services designed to prepare new employees with the skills required to perform successfully at the facility to be located in Dublin,” a Georgia Department of Economic Development spokesperson told The Center Square via email.

“The company qualifies for these services which have an in-kind, estimated market value of approximately $486,000 at full employment,” the spokesperson added. “Services will be provided over time as new employees are hired and trained.”

In Dublin, the company plans to produce electrical heaters, control units, and actuators for North American electric and internal combustion vehicle manufacturers. Officials said Woory, established in 1989, retains traditional product lines while focusing on developing new products for electric vehicles and hydrogen-fueled cars.

The company expects operations to start in November 2023.

“Fostering quality and sustainable growth is a goal of the City of Dublin,” Dublin Mayor Joshua Kight said in an announcement. “Woory’s commitment to place an existing manufacturing building back into service helps to promote more infill development while creating new career paths for our community.”

Source: TGV News