Good Belly Sandwich Shop brings east coast flavor to Louisville


Located in the Highlands, Good Belly Sandwich Shop aims to bring east coast deli flavor to Louisville.

They try to accomplish this through a special curing process that takes just under a month for their corned beef and pastrami.

If all this sounds like a lot of work for co-owner Josh Williams and his partner Jessica Bookin, that is kind of the point.

“I’m a big fan of doing it the right way,” Williams said. “The right way usually means it is a lot more work, and that is one thing we do not shy away from,”

The shop started as a food truck, and the couple opened the brick-and-mortar in January.

According to Bookin, the inspiration for it was a longing for a taste of home.

“I missed the food,” Bookin said. “I was craving it, and there are so many wonderful restaurants in Louisville, but we were not seeing an authentic New York Jewish Deli style food.”

Source: WLKY