Is Netflix Actually Going to Lose Out on ‘Wednesday’ Season 2?


It’s a mega-hit for the streaming giant, but things are getting complicated

POV: you’re a showrunner who’s finally had a series commissioned at Netflix, and it’s a hit! You pop the Champagne corks/kombucha caps/whatever it is they’re drinking in LA at the moment, and put your feet up. Surely you’re a shoo-in for a second series?

Well, don’t be so hasty. Over in Tudum-land, the hatchet is wielded furiously and frequently. And while the Jenna Ortega-fronted Wednesday managed to beat Stranger Things for the record of most viewing time in a single week (a cool 400 million hours, and her gothy disco dance video that went viral on TikTok also currently has 32 million views) rumours are floating around that it could end up being shunted over to another streamer instead.

However, this isn’t because of Netflix’s slash-and-burn approach to TV making (see the cancellation of 1899 as a primer as to why it happens so often). As first reported by Deadline, Amazon and MGM closed a £7.06 million merger last year, which The Independent then suggested could mean Tim Burton’s Wednesday (an MGM production) will end up moving to Amazon from Netflix.

Nothing like a scurrilous rumour to brighten up the first week of Jan, eh? A spokesperson for Netflix even-handedly pointed out to MailOnline: “MGM make programmes for any number of streamers and broadcasters and their acquisition by Amazon does not change that. The sale has no impact on existing rights deals.” Netflix also usually owns the options on productions for a 10 year period too.

So, what do we know about series two of Wednesday?

Not too much right now. The Independent also reported that “producers of the series are reportedly already in the process of scouting filming locations and securing writers for the new season”, which suggests that no news is good news, and the production team are confident that they’ll be given a nod for season two shortly.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Empire and as reported by ScreenRant, the series co-creator Alfred Gough talked about expanding the franchise, possibly beyond Wednesday Addams to other members of the creepy and the kooky family: “Miles (Millar) and I are talking amongst ourselves about it. There’s definitely more that you can explore in the world of the Addamses.” Interesting…

Is there a trailer?

Obviously no, not yet.

Is there a release date?

Demanding aren’t you? We can’t imagine Wednesday not being greenlit for another outing, so once Burton and co have been notified, we’ll keep you posted on any new updates. *clicks fingers twice*.

Source : Esquire