Judge Orders New Jersey Not to Enforce New Law Prohibiting Concealed Guns in Sensitive Areas


New Jersey’s new law prohibiting the public from carrying concealed guns in certain sensitive areas suffered another setback Tuesday. 

Gov. Phil Murphy came to the library in Scotch Plains to unveil the law back in December, saying it would curb gun violence. Libraries were included as sensitive areas where concealed firearms would not be allowed

Tuesday, a federal judge ordered the state not to enforce the law’s tight restrictions. 

A coalition of gun owners and second amendment advocacy groups have challenged New Jersey’s strict gun law, calling it unconstitutional. 

The federal judge said New Jersey had failed to present sufficient evidence to support aspects of the gun legislation. 

The ruling means New Jersey residents with proper permits will be able to carry concealed handguns at public parks, beaches, bars, restaurants and zoos. However, they won’t be able to at playground and youth sporting events. 

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin calls the decision devastating for public safety, but said there is a silver lining that “individuals can still control whether and when to allow firearms on their property. No one may carry a firearm inside someone else’s home, or into a business closed to the public, without the owner’s express permission.”

Platkin said the state will be appealing the decision immediately. 

Source: CBS News