Loewe expands on the US east coast with store opening in the Hamptons


Loewe is strengthening its presence in the New York area with a strategic store opening in the Hamptons, one of the country’s vacation hotspots and a concentration of luxury residences. The Spanish brand opened a boutique in East Hampton on August 1, following its ‘Casa Loewe’ concept, which blurs the lines between a store and an art gallery.

The nearly 280-square-meter store features the brand’s women’s collections, including ready-to-wear designs and accessories such as bags, shoes, eyewear, and small leather goods.

The store’s interior design draws inspiration from the “breezy coastal setting of East Hampton,” as described by the brand, and combines a relaxed atmosphere with refinement. Hand-glazed Spanish tiles adorn the interior, contrasting with cement elements and handmade rugs made from natural fibers by Colombian artisans. The space also incorporates Utrecht armchairs designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and ceramic pedestals, among other elements.

In terms of sustainability, the store employs a modular system of recyclable paper blocks that can be stacked and arranged in a dynamic and changing shelving system.

Additionally, the boutique displays a couple of pieces by Japanese artist Arko, a finalist of the Loewe Craft Prize in 2018.

“Loewe stores are a continuous chapter in the brand’s commitment to intelligent visual expression, showcasing pieces from the brand’s global anthology of art, sculpture, furniture, and craft objects alongside clothing and accessories,” the brand elaborated.

As part of its international development, Loewe reopened its flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo district last summer. Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, the brand introduced a new retail format in Japan last spring: it opened its first ‘Loewe ReCraft’ space in Osaka, dedicated entirely to the restoration and maintenance of its leather items, and featuring a selection of woven baskets and leather bags for sale.

Source: Fashion Network