Maine School Board Members Receive Anonymous Racist Hate Mail


Multiple members of the Rockland-area school board have said they received hate mail espousing white supremacist viewpoints in early July.

Carol Bahcofner, of Rockland, said that she and other members had received mail that claimed that any action supporting racial diversity is an attack on white people, the Courier-Gazette reported. The mail also contained hateful discussion of transgender people.

The origins of the mail, much like the racist literature that Maine lawmakers received in early April, is unclear, although postage marks indicated it traveled through southern Maine. The mail was not signed.

Regional School Unit 13 board members spoke out against the mail, with chairperson Loren Andrews of Cushing stating there is no room in the district for material that is harmful to staff and students, according to the Rockland newspaper.

“We are inclusive of everybody, of every child, of every learner, and each and every one of our staff,” Andrews told the Courier-Gazette.

Rockland city councilors reportedly received similar mail earlier this year.

Maine’s top Democrats condemned the pamphlets lawmakers received in April endorsing white supremacist theories.

Source: FOX23