Maryland Weather: Wet Weekend Forecast as East Coast Expect to See Effects of Former Super Typhoon Bolaven


A significant storm with the potential to become a nor’easter will reportedly hit the East Coast this weekend.

However, reports don’t state how it will specifically impact Maryland. The National Weather Service forecasts a 60% chance of rain on Friday, 30% chance of rain on Saturday and a mostly sunny and clear day on Sunday in Maryland.

Only Saturday and Sunday are reported to have limited risk for strong winds in Maryland, according to the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, northeastern states such as Pennsylvania and New York are to expect the storm to bring soaking rain and strong winds, leading to hazards such as flash flooding and coastal over wash, AccuWeather meteorologists say.

This storm is evolving from former Super Typhoon Bolaven, a violent typhoon that took a path curving east of Japan across the northern Pacific.

The storm became connected to non-tropical storms over the Gulf of Alaska this past weekend, and stormy weather dipped into western Canada and the northwestern United States.

This dip is leading to a big dip in the jet stream over the Eastern states late this week and this weekend, said AccuWeather Meteorologist Paul Pastelok.

Additionally, Accuweather forecasts the worst of the storm and its impacts will focus north of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with New York City and southern New England on the southern edge of the heaviest rain.

Source: The Baltimore Sun