Medical Professionals Aid Mum and Newborn in Truck on East Coast Expressway


KUALA LUMPUR: A group of medical professionals embarked on a voyage of suspense when they helped a mother who delivered her newborn in a truck at KM121 of the East Coast Expressway (LPT) heading towards Kuantan, yesterday.

It was an experience that would test their skills and resolve when they received a distress call informing them that an expecting mother was giving birth in a vehicle.

User @alepzaki, known as Aliff Zaki, a medical officer (MO) and one of the healthcare professionals involved in the incident, shared his experience in a compelling X thread that garnered 193,000 views since it was posted less than 24 hours ago.

According to the thread, the story began with a call alerting the team to a mother in labour inside a truck.

With minimal information available about the mother’s condition, Aliff and his team braced themselves for the unknown by meticulously reviewing their checklist of essential items, fully aware that they may face the worst-case scenario.

As they raced to the location in an ambulance, the healthcare team was gripped with uncertainty while pondering over the mother and baby’s condition.

“In the ambulance, we were all guessing about the mother’s condition. Has she given birth yet? If she had, how was the baby?” said Aliff.

He said upon their arrival, the scene was chaotic yet filled with determination. Two traffic police officers were on-site, managing the traffic to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The truck’s door was wide open, revealing a scene of utter chaos, with clothes stained in blood. The smell in the air was an intense reminder of the gravity of the situation.

The healthcare team approached the couple, inquiring about the mother’s whereabouts. The response was concise and direct, “She’s in the truck, in the back seat.”

Inside the truck, they encountered a tableau of intense emotions. The mother laid with her eyes closed, and a small body was nestled between her legs.

“I spoke to the mother, ‘Ma’am, can you hear me? Please open your eyes.’ She opened her eyes and replied, ‘Yes, I can hear you.’ Our hearts were relieved.

“Then, my attention turned to the baby, who appeared motionless. Oh no. I held the baby’s leg, flicked the sole of the foot, and a small cry emerged. My relief was palpable, and I managed to keep my composure.

“I then proceeded to cut the umbilical cord and carried out other necessary procedures. I wrapped the baby in a towel and took them out of the truck. With the baby’s first cry, a wave of relief swept through the team,” expressed Aliff.

He said staff nurse Sue took charge of the mother, washing away the blood, conducting necessary examinations, and providing comfort. Meanwhile, community nurse Azlina stood ready outside, prepared to assist in any way possible.

With the two patients securely attended to, the ambulance initiated a U-turn, preparing to transport them to the HoSHAS delivery room.

Aliff expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the LPT authorities, traffic police officers, and the Sultan Ahmad Shah Hospital (HOSHAS) labour room staff for their invaluable assistance during the harrowing experience.

Source: NST