Movie-truck to Hit the Road on Taiwan’s East Coast


Mobile movies are coming to Hualien with a cinema truck that will bring screenings to remote areas. Two trucks will hit the road on Taiwan’s east coast, one equipped with a 150-inch screen and theater-quality audio, and the other carrying crew and gear. The trucks were purchased with a NT$5.2 million (US$161,000) subsidy from the Ministry of Culture, per CNA.

The first mobile movie screening will be of the 1982 rom-com “Cheerful Wind” (風兒踢踏踩) on Saturday (Sept. 30) at 2 p.m. The screening will be held at Nilai Square outside the Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau, in conjunction with a stone sculpture festival.

Hualien’s culture bureau said that between October and December, the movie truck will also make stops at community halls and primary schools in Hualien County’s more remote villages. Updates about the truck’s whereabouts and planned screenings will be available on the organizer’s Facebook page.

In addition to bringing screenings to remote areas, the culture bureau hopes to use the truck to promote art films in Taiwan’s east. The truck is based out of Hualien’s Railway Cinema, the only professionally outfitted non-commercial cinema in the east of Taiwan.

Source: Taiwan News