Notable Zoos in North America


Summer vacations from school may be cherished by youngsters. But parents are often scrambling to find ways to fill kids’ days over the course of summer vacations. Zoos are an educational and entertaining place for anyone to spend a summer day. And regardless of where families live, there’s undoubtedly an awe-inspiring zoo within driving distance of home. The following are some of the many notable zoos in North America.

Los Angeles Zoo

Angelenos are undoubtedly familiar with the Los Angeles Zoo, which is home to more than 2,000 animals, including many endangered species. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the Los Angeles Zoo will likely be thrilled by the chance to fraternize with flamingos or traverse the botanical gardens where they can take in everything from orchid trees native to Hong Kong to palm trees that can be found in nearby Mexico.

Toronto Zoo

Canada’s largest zoo is a wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon. The Toronto Zoo has more than 3,000 animals that represent more than 300 species. Seven zoogeographic regions make up this expansive zoo, which also features a seasonal zoo for kids where they can climb a tree house and greet beloved domestic animals like alpacas and goats.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Parents will love Smithsonian National Zoo for any number of reasons, perhaps none more than the free admission. More than 400 species of animals are represented at the Smithsonian National Zoo, which is located in the heart of the Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. Families who want to get a glimpse of what they’ll get to see before visiting the zoo can access its animal webcams, which are live 24/7, at

Bronx Zoo

A New York City institution, the Bronx Zoo is the largest urban zoo in the United States. More than 700 species live in the Bronx Zoo, where visitors can do everything from watch bison graze to meet animals like penguins, cheetahs, porcupines and sloths. A bug carousel provides a perfect opportunity for kids to have a little fun while getting off their feet.

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

If a zoo alone isn’t enough, then families may want to visit the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio. More than 11,000 animals live on the grounds, where visitors also can play 18 holes of golf, get some play time in at a water park and, of course, see animals like the Florida Manatee and Zebra Shark in the aquarium. Zoos make for a great place to visit during summer vacations. Vacationers have no shortage of awe-inspiring zoos to visit across North America.