Quincy takes extra steps as major storm moves up the East Coast


Quincy was battening down its coastline to be ready for any surprises the weekend’s major storm may bring. Public Works began closing all of the floodgates to help protect neighborhoods from flooding.

At Quincy City Hall, Mayor Thomas Koch says the planning began earlier this week. “With every hurricane, you see the spaghetti models and all. This could happen or this could happen, that could happen so it is much better to be prepared,” said Koch.

The city is planning to activate its emergency operations center to help monitor the storm and address potential issues. “For example, some of those low-lying areas away from the ocean we will have some crews there with pumps ready to go, to help people, before it gets ahead of us,” said Koch.

At Marina Bay — boat owners are hoping they are lucky enough for this storm to keep its distance. Boat owners Mike Arnpriester and Mike Knudsen are watching the forecast closely. “That depends on your boat really, what you think your boat can handle as far as winds, seas, and where you are located,” said Knudsen. “All it takes is one line to snap, with some wind and then your boat, or one boat beside you slams into your boat or one of the docks breaks free. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong down here,” said Arnpriester.

The city says if you decide not to remove your boat you should take some time to secure it with extra lines.

Source: Boston 25 News