Russia and NATO simultaneously began exercises in the Baltic Sea


Russia and NATO are simultaneously conducting military exercises in the Baltic Sea according to their plans.

Russia began its exercises today, June 5th. More than 3.5 thousand military personnel, about 40 ships, 25 aircraft and helicopters are participating in them. They will work out the tasks of protecting and defending sea lanes and bases for the fleet, the press service of the fleet said. Russian exercises will end on June 15.

NATO exercises – the annual “Baltic Operations” – began the day before, on 4 June. They are attended by nineteen members of the alliance and candidate for membership Sweden.

About six thousand soldiers, 50 ships and about 45 aircraft are involved in the exercises. Among other things, the military intends to work out anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-mine operations, work with underwater and surface drones. The exercises will last until June 16.

Radio Svoboda