Signal: Apac Dominates Apparel Sector Company Filings in Q2 2023


Asia-Pacific countries (APAC), including China, India, Australia, Japan and South Korea, feature prominently in Q2 2023 filings of companies headquartered in North America. Other key countries frequently mentioned in Q2 2023 include the UK, Brazil, German, Russia and Ukraine, according to analysis using GlobalData’s Company Filing Database.

The Company Filings Analytics Trends & Signals Q2 2023 report shows that mentions around the five APAC countries increased year-on-year since Q2 2022. Similar mentions of the UK, Brazil and Germany increased, although mentions of Ukraine and Russia dropped.

Mentions of countries in apparel company filings Q2 2023

In the apparel sector, APAC was the most-mentioned region across company filings in Q2 2023, with a total of 577 mentions. This follows a similar trend seen in Q2 2022, when the APAC region was mentioned a total of 803 times across apparel company filings.

Other key themes in company filings for Q2 2023 were mentions of the supply chain and AI, which both increased 255% compared to Q2 2022. Inflation was another key topic, with mentions up 36% compared to Q2 2022. Meanwhile, mentions of Covid-19 fell by 57% and mentions of ecommerce decreased by 51%.

Misa Singh, business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData, says: “North American companies seem to consider the APAC region and more specifically the emerging markets of the region such as China and India as potential destinations for their business expansion strategies. Companies are increasingly investing in the APAC region to enhance R&D capabilities and build new facilities. North American companies are also building strategic supplier partnerships to strengthen supply chain. Meanwhile, Europe also forms a key part of their global expansion strategy.” The apparel market in the APAC region was predicted to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3% between 2020-2025, according to figures shared by GlobalData last year.

Singh adds: “The mentions of Russia and Ukraine have declined as companies seek to minimise their market exposure due to the ongoing conflict in the region. While some multinational companies have exited or plan to exit Russia due to sanctions, some companies have temporarily suspended operations in Ukraine due to safety concerns.”