Tajikistan and Egypt Agreed to Involve Students in Tourism


The issues of attracting students to work in the tourism sector were discussed with the leaders of the world’s leading companies in the field of tourism and hospitality in Egypt, the leadership of the International University of Tourism and Entrepreneurship of Tajikistan, on March 12 at the international exhibition ITB Berlin – 2023 in Berlin.

In negotiations with the general managers of Gasbar Travel and Exclusive Holidays, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of the JAZ Hotel group hotel chain, representatives of the Tajik University discussed the issues of internships, exchange of experience and attracting students to work in specialties and areas in the field of tourism,

In addition, the leadership of the university discussed the topic of strengthening cooperation and training of specialists in the tourism industries and the hotel sector with representatives of German travel companies, a number of ministries and departments.

Source Rossa Primavera