Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Surface on East Coast Separately … Ahead of Chiefs Game


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seemed primed to run their Kansas City date back for round 2 — ’cause they’re in the same area ahead of a big game … which she’s supposed to attend.

The pop star and NFL’er surfaced separately on the East Coast Saturday — with TS popping up in the Big Apple alongside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds … with the trio walking through the streets of NYC looking stylish.

Just over the bridge … Travis and some other Chiefs players, including Patrick Mahomes, were checking into their hotel in New Jersey — which is where they’ll play Sunday’s game.

As we reported … Taylor is expected to show up to MetLife Stadium to once again watch TK’s big match against the Jets — a game that’ll be televised on NBC during Sunday Night Football, and which will undoubtedly garner more eyeballs than last week did.

Considering she’s in town … it’s all but guaranteed we’ll be watching her root from the sidelines. The question now is — will Taylor’s in-game visits become a regular thing???

We know she and Trav hit the town in KC last week … and their gallivanting caused quite a stir in the city. In this neck of the woods, though — that’ll be amplified by at least 10 … with tons of paparazzi crawling all over the place, not to mention adoring fans left and right.

If this does, in fact, become a tradition as these 2 explore their relationship … you also gotta wonder if we’ll see added PDA as time goes on. We already saw them cozying up during an after-party — and now that the cat’s outta the bag, perhaps more is on the horizon.

There’s been some speculation this all might be a PR stunt — but now … it feels real.

Remember, we were told Taylor’s team is still working out security logistics for MetLife … meaning, she won’t be able to just slip in all casual-like the way she did last week.

With all this in mind, it probably goes without saying — if we happen see Taylor and Travis out and about at all this weekend … it’ll undoubtedly be another frenzy and then some.

Source: TMZ Sports