Toddler in Car Seat Nearly Hit in Road Rage Shooting


Bullets barely missed a toddler sleeping in a car seat as his father drove them along 295 Thursday morning.

“Either perfect timing, you know, or God himself was riding in the back seat,” Leon Vessels said.

He said he was leaving Southwest D.C. on his way home from dropping his older son off at school while 11-month-old Legend slept in the car seat when a black Mitsubishi came up fast.

“The whole time he was following us,” Vessels said. “I mean, he had the opportunity to just drive past.”

Next time I look in my rearview, he’s pretty much, like, in the car with us,” he said.

Suddenly, the other driver pulled up and fired three shots at his car, Vessels said.

“I knew right there, when I heard the back bumper, when that was shot, this guy, like, he wasn’t playing,” he said.

The gunshots and shattered glass woke up Legend, but he was not hurt.

Vessels said the gunman followed them for about a mile before eventually driving off.

Vessels flagged down two police officers near South Capitol Street.

“All I saw was the way he holds his car seat exactly where the bullet holes went through,” said Legend’s mother, Saida Bennou.

She’s counting her blessings her baby boy made it our unharmed.

“I still haven’t processed it all, you know, I’m just taking it moment-by-moment and just trying to love on him, because he’s here, and it’s a miracle, really,” she said.

Police are asking for help finding the gunman.

Source: NBC News