Upcoming East Coast Storms Could Impact Holiday Travel


As the Thanksgiving holiday inches closer, whether flying or driving, millions of Americans are traveling this week, but a storm system heading for the eastern U.S. could impact flights.

The holiday season means time spent with loved ones; for many of us, that also means travel.

Travelers at RSW just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday said it’s been smooth sailing for their travel plans.

“It was very good. No delays. We got there,” said Deborah West, who flew from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Federal Aviation Administration forecasted that Wednesday, November 22, the day before Thanksgiving, will be the busiest day for travel this week, with over 49,000 flights scheduled for November 22.

“Too many people traveling. You get stuck at the airports and all those good things,” said Tom Terry, who flew in from Cincinnati.

Chris Keith from Boston said it wasn’t what he expected for holiday travel.

“We expected it to be a zoo, and Boston was fantastic. In and out of out of Boston. Not a ton of people. We breezed right through,” Keith said.

The FAA said that flight cancellations are trending lower overall in 2023 than in other years.

Regarding delays, weather is the leading reported cause of delays in the national airspace system.

For travelers who got to their destination on a high note, they hope to return with that same feeling.

Source: WINK