Veteran Looks to Honor His K9 Companion in Washington D.C.


A veteran traveling with the 28th Freedom Honor Flight to Washington D.C. on Saturday hoped to honor the K9 he served with in Vietnam. 

Freedom Honor Flight welcomes veterans and volunteers to a day trip to the nation’s capital to tour memorials, including the Korean War Memorial, Marine Corps War Memorial and the Vietnam Wall. 

One veteran traveling to the capital was a Vietnam War veteran, Bill Barr, who served in the Air Force K9 Corps Unit from 1968-1970. 

He hoped to honor his K9 companion on the trip. 

“It’s close to my heart because I’m here now because my dog saved my life in Vietnam,” Barr said. “K9 Corps was first line defense. We were out beyond the fence in some areas. If the enemy was coming through, we were actually the first to see it and our dogs would smell them and detect them first. Then we’d be ready for them.”

He also looked forward to seeing the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery but says it touched his heart to see the welcoming party at the airport as they arrived in Washington D.C. 

Source: WXOW