Design Executive Council Introduces East Coast Hub in New York City


SILICON VALLEY, Calif. and NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Design Executive Council (DXC), the premier membership network for corporate design executives, today announced that it has expanded to New York City, a vital hub for Fortune 1000 design leadership across the finance, technology, media, entertainment, fashion and cultural sectors. This marks DXC’s first expansion and will provide programming to its members on the East Coast.

Silicon Valley-based DXC boasts founding members in New York City; they are global design executives who serve as Chief Design Officers, VPs of Design and board members and represent public companies and venture-backed enterprises, including Adobe, Capital One, CNN, JPMorgan Chase, Warner Music Group, Target, Medium, Morgan Stanley, SAP and Stark.

“Our research has shown us the power of centralizing and bringing the design industry’s top leaders together. Corporate design leaders have the unique opportunity to significantly impact corporate, business and functional strategies. Our powerhouse network of design executives enables them to exchange knowledge, forge community and advocate for design leadership, further enabling them to advance their impact,” said Gordon Ching, DXC founder & CEO.

Christina Goldschmidt, VP, Product Design at Warner Music Group and DXC Board Advisor, said that as the hub of business and culture, New York City was the next logical step for DXC’s expansion.

“In-person connections are crucial for fostering a strong culture; knowledge sharing; and supporting our members’ careers and well-being as they tackle challenging roles. Our East Coast members can further DXC’s mission to advance strategic design leadership in business and society,” Goldschmidt said.

Source: CISION